WHAT TO EXPECT 

Typical Visit

After checking in at the reception desk, you will have your vision checked, your eye pressure measured and your pupils dilated before you are seen by the doctor.  Typically you will have to wait at least 30 minutes for your pupils to be adequately dilated for examination.

Further Examination

After your examination, you may be sent for diagnostic photography to assist in the diagnosis and management of your condition.


Treatment may be given that day, but frequently, you will need to schedule another appointment for treatment.

Driving Home

If you have had trouble with your vision due to pupil dilation in the past, and if treatment such as laser is required, we will require that you have someone to drive you home.

Reception Area

The reception and waiting areas are not large, so we ask that you not bring multiple family members unless absolutely necessary.

Cell Phones

Please also turn off all cell phones upon entering our office.

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